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MGC7479: T-rex CA218 Airbag Protector Steering Lock
Selling Price: RM129.00 / USD41.70

  1. 2 Years warranty against manufacturing defects.
  2. Advanced adjustable air bag protector plate for higher security; hinders removal of steering wheel and air bag.
  3. New design with elegant outlook; PVC leather and chrome on metal parts.
  4. Sturdy hook design for greater security even cutting steering wheel will not help to remove the lock.


Product Code: CA218

Selling Price: RM388.00 / USD125.20

  1. Wireless, no wire connection to your vehicle. Only 2 AA batteries on this lock and 1 AAA battery on pager.
  2. Alarm system triggered when the lock detects hit impact such as window smashing, vehicle towing and vehicle being hit by other vehicle.
  3. Once invasion on vehicle detected, the lock will send signal to the pager to alert vehicle owner.
  4. Lock itself will come out with 110dB siren to scare off thieves.
  5. 12 months warranty against all manufacturing defects.


Product Code: CH960E

Selling Price: RM599.00 / USD193.30

  1. Our "T-CHIP"; Chip Based Lock with Shock Sensor Alarm uses passive encryption sensor. One must uses a chip key that matches the lock body to produce a reaction with the mainframe in opening the lock. Coupled with our unique patented design without the key cylinder, it is virtually impossible to unlock it.
  2. This product integrates the latest Symmetric Code Algorithm Relate - AES - by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA (NIST). Its algorithm key length can be up to 128 bit and above.
  3. AES is the latest symmetric code algorithm which changes randomly. There are multiple encryption every time before the code is transmitted. As such, even there are more samples sought, it could not be decoded. Secondly, there are about 4.3 billion combinations of code, and each code will only be used once. Hence, even the current code is being matched, the next code could not be anticipated.
  4. With it's built-in shock sensor alarm, the lock body will emit 130dB alarm in the event of invasion.
  5. 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.


Product Code: CH996K

MGC5924: Ultimate Keyless CH998GK
Selling Price: RM999.00 / USD322.30


  1. The first Air Pressure Detection Alarm Lock without key cylinder in the industry!
  2. Patented design without a key cylinder- totally frustrating the burglar effort.
  3. Integrated Chip Active Remote lock-opener and receiver. 2 in 1 design with high power-saving design!
  4. Featuring the latest 128-bit Symmetry calculation technology in the US and is unable to be deciphered by traditional technologies.
  5. Almost impregnable!
  6. When there is continuous detection from external forces affect the lock (Eg. being knocked on or towed), the anti-theft system will be immediately activated. The lock will emit an alarm of 130 dB within 8 seconds and at the same time, sending an alert message and warning alarm to the receiver within a radius of 0-2,000 m, (varies according to the interference and obstruction of the environment) displaying the condition of the car and informing the owner of the abnormality.
  7. Enhanced detection function that reduces false alarms. Vibrations caused by passing-by heavy vehicles will not effect an alert to the owner. Only when there is continuous detection, which means a genuine abnormality, an alert will be sent.
  8. Low-battery warning: When the battery is wearing out in the car lock, it will beep 5 times after locking, and then will unlock by its own. This will notify the owner to change the battery.
  9. Siren device is heat resistant. It can operate in the car temperature of 40oC~+80oC. It is also high voltage resistant and able to withstand an electrical shock of 200,000 volts. Body: The main bar has been hardened via high heat treatment and difficult to be sawed. There are more than 3 billion combinations of codes to prevent repetition of false alarm. It uses 3 1.5V AA alkaline batteries.
  10. Receiver (Chip Active Remote): Approx. 5,000,000 combinations of codes to prevent repetition of false alarm. It uses one 1.5V AAA alkaline battery.

* Patented Worldwide


Product Code: CH998GK

MGC5923: GSM Lock CH966GSM
Selling Price: RM1,499.00 / USD483.60


  1. Lock with wireless GSM alarm system to give you double protection. It combines car steering anti-theft lock (air pressure and vibration detection) with the GSM alarm system, giving you multiple protections. (It features car steering anti-theft lock and also alerting function with no distance limitation).
  2. Automatically dials or sends SMS to your mobile in the events of vehicle tampering.
  3. No need to carry pager (Receiver).
  4. No distance limitation on sending an alert.
  5. Lock can be activated without key.
  6. No installation and wiring needed and thus no modification on the car body. (Eliminated dangers such as power cut-off, short circuit, car warranty being voided etc). Other GSM products require wiring installation on the door and the engine ignition circuit which is more complicated and costly. They often malfunction and are not easily repairable. Now do you wish the interior and wiring of your car to suffer damage? (This product requires no installation and thus will not damage the car wiring and interior)
  7. Able to carry out audio surveillance in the car. (You can remotely listen to conversations/sounds in the car )
  8. Emergency SOS function. (Under emergency situation, if driver presses a single alert button for 3 seconds within the effective range of GSM alert device, the GSM system will automatically dial a designated number without being noticed by the intruder.)
  9. GPRS/GPS functions (optional) / Lock-on Detection (optional).

* Patented Worldwide


Product Code: CH966GSM


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