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MGC3387: Autolock # 1440
Selling Price: RM159.00 / USD41.90

Original Unbrakeable Autolock

  • Lock up Brake or Clutch, making your car undriveable.
  • Heavy-duty lock. Fits easily on most brake pedals, which is strongest part of the vehicle and virtually impossible to cut.
  • Hardened steel lock body, makes it strong & secure making the vehicle non-driveable.
  • Pick resistant lock with 3 high security keys.


Product Code: 1440

MGC4128: Autolock Pro 1640
Selling Price: RM188.00 / USD49.50

  • Heavy duty lock. Fit easily on most barke or clutch pedals, which is strongest part of the vehicle, making the vehicle non-driveable
  • Hardened steel lock body, makes it strong & secure and virtually impossible to cut.
  • Pick resistant lock with high security keys
  • Solid steel BULLET-PROOF deadbolt lock system which is virtually drill-proof, cut-proof, pick-proof, and freon-proof, under normal circumstances & use.
  • 1 automotive anti-theft device; by Good
  • Housekeeping Institute Report
  • Law Enforcement recommended
  • As seen on TV
  • 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects


Product Code: 1640 / 1645

MGC5921: CH747 Retractable Steering Wheel Lock
Selling Price: RM149.00 / USD39.30

The SHORTEST Retractable Steering Wheel Lock.

  • When not in use, it close to 26cm for easy storage.
  • Latest development in mechanical security, compact size, spare storage space.
  • Gently push in the edge of extension bar and hook will automatically snap out, it locks into position without the key.
  • Suitable for small, compact or mid size vehicle.
  • 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects.
* Patented


Product Code: CH747

MGC5920: CH930 Ad Steering Wheel Lock With Shock Sensor Alarm
Selling Price: RM199.00 / USD52.40


  • Lock without using key, once the lock is armed, alarm will be activated automatically with L.E.D flashing.
  • Patented unique non-duplicable Rocket Key
  • Cylinder provides higher security. Once electronic shock sensor detected any hit impact on vehicle, it will come out with 130 dB alarm to scare off the thieves and alert owner and passers by.
* Patented Worldwide


Product Code: CH930 AD

Selling Price: RM599.00 / USD157.70

  1. Our "T-CHIP"; Chip Based Lock with Shock Sensor Alarm uses passive encryption sensor. One must uses a chip key that matches the lock body to produce a reaction with the mainframe in opening the lock. Coupled with our unique patented design without the key cylinder, it is virtually impossible to unlock it.
  2. This product integrates the latest Symmetric Code Algorithm Relate - AES - by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA (NIST). Its algorithm key length can be up to 128 bit and above.
  3. AES is the latest symmetric code algorithm which changes randomly. There are multiple encryption every time before the code is transmitted. As such, even there are more samples sought, it could not be decoded. Secondly, there are about 4.3 billion combinations of code, and each code will only be used once. Hence, even the current code is being matched, the next code could not be anticipated.
  4. With it's built-in shock sensor alarm, the lock body will emit 130dB alarm in the event of invasion.
  5. 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.


Product Code: CH996K


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