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MGC4129: ClawBar Steering Lock - CH130
Selling Price: RM219.00 / USD70.70

  • Solid steel construction, virtually impossible to cut or bend
  • With "spoke" of steering wheel positioned between the claw, it can not be removed with a single cut on steering wheel.
  • Pick resistant lock cylinder
  • Easy to use
  • Fully adjustable to fit most steering wheels
  • 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects


Product Code: CH130

MGC5923: GSM Lock CH966GSM
Selling Price: RM1,499.00 / USD483.60


  1. Lock with wireless GSM alarm system to give you double protection. It combines car steering anti-theft lock (air pressure and vibration detection) with the GSM alarm system, giving you multiple protections. (It features car steering anti-theft lock and also alerting function with no distance limitation).
  2. Automatically dials or sends SMS to your mobile in the events of vehicle tampering.
  3. No need to carry pager (Receiver).
  4. No distance limitation on sending an alert.
  5. Lock can be activated without key.
  6. No installation and wiring needed and thus no modification on the car body. (Eliminated dangers such as power cut-off, short circuit, car warranty being voided etc). Other GSM products require wiring installation on the door and the engine ignition circuit which is more complicated and costly. They often malfunction and are not easily repairable. Now do you wish the interior and wiring of your car to suffer damage? (This product requires no installation and thus will not damage the car wiring and interior)
  7. Able to carry out audio surveillance in the car. (You can remotely listen to conversations/sounds in the car )
  8. Emergency SOS function. (Under emergency situation, if driver presses a single alert button for 3 seconds within the effective range of GSM alert device, the GSM system will automatically dial a designated number without being noticed by the intruder.)
  9. GPRS/GPS functions (optional) / Lock-on Detection (optional).

* Patented Worldwide


Product Code: CH966GSM

MGC5926: TechLock DL101
Selling Price: RM488.00 / USD157.50

REMOTE CONTROL DOOR LOCK with built-in Alarm

When there's any forceful attempt to push hardly on door, TECHLOCK would be able to trigger a 110dB siren to frighten the theif and alert the residents.

TECKLOCK is a burglar proof lock. It is brand new design, innovative product that oversteps the traditional home lock. TECHLOCK features a keyless lock and it's DIY design make it easy to install and very flexible to door location. TECHLOCK works as an internal lock and it enables you lock and unlock your door from outside by using remote control.

  • LED light up when low battery and lock will open up automatically when it runs out of battery
  • (DC/AC) operated
  • super-saving power, 4 units of AA batteries can last at least 3 to 6 months
  • remote code learning: 1-6 remote controls operate 1 or many units of lock

* Patented Worldwide


Product Code: TechLock DL101

Category: Electronics | Home Locks

MGC5925: TechLock DL101A
Selling Price: RM999.00 / USD322.30

TECHLOCK DL101A is not just an alarm system, it is a door lock with wireless alarm system. Therefore, it has the ability to STOP THIEVES FROM ENTERING YOUR HOME and at the same time, it will call to inform owner in the event of an intrusion.

  • DIY concept, wireless and easy to install
  • When door is pushed, sensor triggered, lock will come out with 110dB siren to scare off intruders and alert neighbors. At the same time, alarm system is triggered, it will call 8 pre-set phone numbers to inform about the intrusion (Door still remains "LOCKED"!)
  • 1 set of wireless magnetic window contact is provided - for window protection.
  • Design for super-saving power. Batteries (AA) can last for 6 months. (Lock can function normal even home's electric supply is cut off)
  • (DC/AC) operated.
  • Code learning remote control; one remote control for few units of lock or one unit of lock for up to 6 remote controls.

* Patented Worldwide


Product Code: DL101A

Category: Electronics | Home Locks

MGC3382: The Vibrant DigiPlus CH960-D
Selling Price: RM235.00 / USD75.90

The Vibrant DigiPlus auto security system acts as an effective audible theft deterrent. Once locked into place and activated, the Vibrant DigiPlus gives you Triple Protection, immobilizing your vehicle while arming it with a 110 to 130 dB alarm.

  • Digitally operated built-in wireless alarm, with visible Flashing LED & 110-130dB siren, keeps car thieves away.
  • Compact, self-locking "Push" design and easy to use.
  • Aluminum-die-cast lock body and heat-treated steel lock component.
  • Fully adjustable to most steering wheels even with air bag equipped vehicles.
  • Patented duo-ball vibration sensor features 3 user-adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Programmable personalized alarm code.
  • Automatic battery power detection.
  • "Glow-in -the-dark" keypad and flashing LED enhances theft deterrence.
  • Low power consumption-via two size AA batteries. Batteries can last 6-9 ,months under normal condition


Product Code: CH0960-D


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