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MGC10412: Kogado Sanitizer Spray - with HOCI Kills 99.99% Germs and Viruses
Selling Price: RM16.90 / USD4.50

Main Ingredients:
Fermented Lactic Acid Bacteria (antibacterial peptide), Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI), alcohol, deionized water.

Main Purpose:
Sterilization (fast acting)
Powerful sterilization (up to 99.9%)
Inhibit germ
Prevent virus infections
Air purification gentle skin friendly
Suitable for all ages

More Details about the product:
Ingredient (1) : Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) is highly effective in sterilization and does not contain Aldehydes. It is biodegradable and environmental friendly product; it leaves no trace on the surface of the object. It can be used in house, school, car, office, hospital, veterinary clinic, food processing, animal feed plants and commercial kitchen etc.

(HOCI) has been registered with European Biocidal Products Directive (BPD, 98/8 / EC) on veterinary hygiene, food and feed applications.

Ingredient (2) : TEGO is based on a concentrated solution of an amphoteric surface active agent which has excellent disinfectant properties against a wide range of micro-organisms. Extensive laboratory and field tests have shown that Tego is effective against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria (including pathogens of Salmonella, Campylobacter and Listeria species) and yeasts.

*Tests have shown that Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) is able to inactivate 100 % of the previous versions of the coronavirus within 15 seconds. According to virus experts at Karolinska the effect on the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is expected to be the same. Test results on SARS-CoV-2 will be communicated later


Product Code: Megacell-Kogado

Category: Beauty | Skin Care

MGC10037: Princess Molan Rice Water Hair Care Set
Selling Price: RM88.00 / USD23.20

SANBAOGUOJI Biotechnology Co., Ltd. using "The World's Longest Hair Village" Taomi water fermentation secret recipe as foundation, developed into an unique product called Princess Molan.

Princess Molan hair care product set which contained cleansing shampoo and hair mask. Now the world can enjoy the secret herbs Taomi (washing water from rice) recipe, from " The World's Longest Hair Village," this Taomi herbs recipe rich in vitamin B, and vitamin B can help hair cells to produce black pigment and strengthen the root.

Enhanced shinny hair and prevent grey hair, soft and strong but not hair split. At present, there are 300ml Taomi Cleanshing Shampoo and 200ml Taomi Hair Mask available in set now !

  1. Enhanced Hair Root - Natural "Taomi Water" essences go into the deeps of the roots and hair follicle, it will fully nourish your hair and scalp to achieve hair roots enhancement and soothing the scalp pressure.
  2. Repair Damaged Hair - The use of natural mild formula nourish hair with the formation of protective film, it will conditioning hair naturally yet repair those damaged hair and scales.
  3. Brighter Hair - With rich layers of nutrients surrounded by infiltration of each hair, it make both inside and outside of the hair with more toughness and more gloss.
  4. Reduce Hairy Entanglement - Wake up your hair vigor with full of nourish, effectively reduce hair frivolous tangled and other issues. Hair Moisturizing - With ¡°Taomi¡± water formula, from the hair root to the hair slightly, to optimize the hair environment, nourish the hair, to promote the hair to restore healthy and bright
  5. A natural health products with heritage of the ancient side & integration of modern science and technology.
  6. From ¡®The World's Long Hair Village' with world Guinness Book of Records and won the Guinness Book of the ¡°Long Hair Village" certificate.
  7. Effective Solution For Hair Problems / Oily & Drop Off / Yellowish & Bifurcation / Withered & Dry / Dandruff & White Hair / Scalp Itching / Hair Follicle Obstruction / Dull / Scalp Sensitive
  8. No Silicone Oil / Natural / No Additives / No Irritation
  9. Safe For Pregnant Women As Well
  10. Ingredient - ¡°Taomi¡± Essence, Ginseng Essence, Collagen, Rice Protein, ¡°Shouwu¡± Essence, Camellia Essence, Mineral Essence, Herbal Essence, Polyporus Umbellatus Extract, Floral Essential Oil.


Category: Beauty | Hair Care


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