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MGC5923: GSM Lock CH966GSM
Selling Price: RM1,499.00 / USD394.50


  1. Lock with wireless GSM alarm system to give you double protection. It combines car steering anti-theft lock (air pressure and vibration detection) with the GSM alarm system, giving you multiple protections. (It features car steering anti-theft lock and also alerting function with no distance limitation).
  2. Automatically dials or sends SMS to your mobile in the events of vehicle tampering.
  3. No need to carry pager (Receiver).
  4. No distance limitation on sending an alert.
  5. Lock can be activated without key.
  6. No installation and wiring needed and thus no modification on the car body. (Eliminated dangers such as power cut-off, short circuit, car warranty being voided etc). Other GSM products require wiring installation on the door and the engine ignition circuit which is more complicated and costly. They often malfunction and are not easily repairable. Now do you wish the interior and wiring of your car to suffer damage? (This product requires no installation and thus will not damage the car wiring and interior)
  7. Able to carry out audio surveillance in the car. (You can remotely listen to conversations/sounds in the car )
  8. Emergency SOS function. (Under emergency situation, if driver presses a single alert button for 3 seconds within the effective range of GSM alert device, the GSM system will automatically dial a designated number without being noticed by the intruder.)
  9. GPRS/GPS functions (optional) / Lock-on Detection (optional).

* Patented Worldwide


Product Code: CH966GSM


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